Welcome to the Haagen Dasz Kennel official website.

Hello everyone, my name is Robert Tajeb, I live in Bandung - Indonesia. I have been breeding dachshund since 2004 and my wife Lenny has owned & bred dachshund since 1995. Our first dachshund was a standard smooth hair one, we began our breeding experience from that dog. Our Haagen Dasz prefix was registered at All Indonesia Kennel Club (PERKIN) at 2004 and also our first breeding experience.
We changed the variety of dachshund we owned & breed by the end 2005 when we acquired our first long hair dachshund. After our first long hair dachshund came into our house, we quickly expand our kennel foundation by acquiring several long hair dachshunds with the best anatomy and bloodlines available in Indonesia. Until now we have owned several long hair, smooth hair and wire hair dachshunds. We only breed for the best anatomy and bloodline.
Our introduction with the dogshow was on 2005 when we entered our standard smooth hair dachshund to the dogshow held at Bandung. We won 1st place at Baby Class that time. Later in 2005 we won Best Of Breed & Best In Group at a dogshow held in Bandung. Since 2006 we only show our long hair dachshund, during 2006 we attended 3 dogshows including The All Indonesian Kennel Club National Dog Show where we won Best In Group. We have been winning numerous Best Of Breed and Best In Group with our long haired dachshunds. Until present time, we have finished 2 national champion titles for our dogs. This number will still increase since we have prepared our new home raised puppies for dogshow.
Instead of having only dachshunds at our house, we also had chinese shar-pei as friends for our dachshunds. The shar-peis are in co-ownership programme with my friend Mr. Soebianto (von Sukamulya) who is a reputable & experienced breeder-exhibitor in English Bulldogs and Chinese Shar-Peis.
One good news that we are happy to share with all of the visitors is that I  (Robert) has passed my judge examination under one of the top judge and accredited assessor from Australia, Mrs. Lyn Watson. With this now I am available to judge all breeds under FCI Group 4 (Dachshunds all varieties), so I am now a licensed judge under All Indonesian Kennel Club and able to judge at every country which their kennel club recognized by FCI, ANKC, The Kennel Club UK and AKC. I hope that I will be able to add more breeds into my account so I could study and judge as many breeds that I am able to do an in depth study to make sure that I understood the breed.
We hope from this website, we could have more information & knowledge about dachshunds. Also from this website we could be in contact with everybody who wanted to share their thoughts and information about dogs.

Best regards,
Robert Tajeb & Lenny Maria Dewi
Haagen Dasz Kennel
Bandung - Indonesia
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